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The Silver Shingle

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Email: [email protected]

The Silver Shingle specializes in developing images on photosensitive aluminum for an array of products. High-end metalphoto® differs from photo lab metal prints simply by process and durability. Our processing is on photosensitive anodized aluminum, also called photo-anodized aluminum. Each metal plate is individually hand developed in a darkroom whereby the image is embedded within the photosensitive aluminum. A unique and attractive way to display photos, plaques, signage, and other projects for use indoors or out.

Images take on a sheen-like quality that draws viewers in and captures the imagination. The manner in which light shines across the metal offers a metallic and sometime 3D-like appearance. Gloss, brushed, satin, and matte surfaces are available — satin being our most popular. Black and white imagery is only available at this time.

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