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Bob Jurmain, Design and Drafting

Email: [email protected]
Architectural Designs and Builder

Each person has a unique set of living patterns and a building language
entirely his own. It exists within us and it is enhanced by our experiences.
Our patterns are less homogeneous today but  more diversely rich.
If we are to build a house that reflects our true nature we have to find out
just what will work specifically for us.  Most architects and designers will provide you with their interpretation of your basic list of what you would like in your house. 
To develop meaningful architecture, something that will endure for you and your family, the designer must step back, listen and develop new personalized design patterns.  This is an easy and quick process.    This process was developed  by myself and former partners relying somewhat on the ideas of Christopher Alexander’s book: “A Pattern Language”.  Alexander and his associates used predetermined patterns and applied the applicable ones.  We develop new ones each time.  It is much more efficient than the trial and error method generally employed by designers or the even more hazardous method of turning the Clients towards the architect’s vision.
With  this participatory method people get very attached to their homes because, in essence, it is their design.  The plans we start with is only the beginning of the  process.  Because I understand so thoroughly my Client’s sensibility, we carry on with design in the detailing, some of which becomes evident as the construction proceeds.  For many it is their first designed home.  It is so important to get it right.   Details can make or break a project.   With the traditional separation between designer and builder, much potentiality gets lost.
Myself and  associates do new homes, renovations and additions from start to finish as well as commercial work.  We will do part of the project or all of it from design to completion,  drafting, working drawings, “blueprints”, municipal applications and providing construction supervision, if requested.  I also will build from plans by other designers.

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